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TitleThe spontaneous little Andreas
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Magazine PublicationRêve-en-Bulles (1996, number 12)
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from the article "The spontaneous little Andreas (1996)":
If you were a novel which one would you be?
Andreas: (Hesitates) Frankly, I don't know.
A piece of music?
Andreas: A piece by Wagner, probably...
A movie?
Andreas: "Rumble Fish": a movie by Coppola in any case.
A painting?
Andreas: By Toulouse Lautrec, the one from the Barnes collection, a girl next to a door or a window.
A star?
Andreas: I would not be a star.
A sport?
Andreas: Certainly not a sport! (laughs)
A country or a region?
Andreas: Scotland.
A dish?
Andreas: A cake, a dessert.
Stuffed, or...
Andreas: [Ed: unable to translate]"Non, assez fin, quand même, mais quand même quantitativement conséquent."
A drink?
Andreas: Tea.
If one forced you to work with a scriptwriter, which one would you choose?
Andreas: Bézian.
If one forced you to work with a draughtsman, which one would you choose?
Andreas: I don't know, a virtuoso in any case, one with which I could write all the things that I would not do myself.
If you represented a personage?
Andreas: Batman.
If you weren't a comic book author, what would you be?
Andreas: Dead.
If all possible budgets were given to you, what would do you?
Andreas: I would do that which I do now.
If you went to a deserted island, what would you take with you?
Andreas: The whole of Shakespeare and the bible.
If you had to define yourself in a word, what would it be?
Andreas: (thinking long and hard)... I don't know.
Andreas: Yes, for example (laughs)