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PublisherLes Impressions Nouvelles
X-20Conséquences (1990, number 13-14)
'L'homme qui lit' (1990)Conséquences (1990, number 13-14)
Murder in the crypt (1990)Conséquences (1990, number 15-16)
from the article "Cyrrus (1995)":
Besides the usual critiques and comments Cyrrus was the subject of some profound analyses, in ZozoLala and Conséquences. That isn't common. What do you think of it? Does it surprise you?
Andreas: Yes. I think the article in Conséquences is out of line sometimes, but it gets me thinking too. It points at things I had never thought of, but did anyway. Unconsciously, and yet...structurally.
--- part of article left out here ---
Plates 9 to 11 display the key scene in the cinema. Conséquences elaborates on the play with the still images, the allusion on the carrier, the picture in the comic is compared to the picture in the film. It the message "Freeze the frame" really directed to the reader>
Andreas: I'm not sure, it could be. In Mil I did that consciously: the entire story of the man drawing symbols in the sand is a kind of lesson of reading images.