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TitleSuper Tintin/Kuifje
Language French
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PublisherLe Lombard
Les oubliésSuper Tintin/Kuifje (1982, number 18)
from the article "Rork and the fantastic (1995)":
There is an episode of Rork that you cannot find in the albums, Les oubliés...
Andreas: Yes, that was for a Super Tintin/Kuifje. I made it at the time I was working on Cromwell Stone. That's why the drawings are somewhat different. They are less detailed, made somewhat faster. That was a first attempt to bring Rork back to life, a sort of first episode. I wanted to make more of them for those Super Tintin/Kuifjes, a different story every time. But that was cancelled. That's why it is an episode somewhat unconnected from the rest. It doesn't fit anywhere in the series as a whole.