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La gerbe noire des contes de Jean RayStripSchrift (1984, number 181)
The fantastic worlds of Rork (1984)StripSchrift (1984, number 181)
Rork with ferryman skeletonsStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Qui est Rork?StripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Cromwell Stone and Gordon GlobeStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Les oubliésStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Andreas: 'I transform consciously: I don't draw something as I see it, but the way it's in my head' (1985)StripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
La caverne du souvenir: a Celtic fairytale with a deeper meaning (1985)StripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Raffington in the rainStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Little Rork in the snowStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
The captainStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Bernard Wright in cornerStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Silhouette of PharassStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Adam Neels with bow and arrowStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Raffington under a streetlanternStripSchrift (1985, number 198-199)
Andreas: well camouflaged nonsense? (1987)StripSchrift (1987, number 214)
The horrorstory as jigsaw puzzle? (1987)StripSchrift (1987, number 214)
The mystery Andreas (1996)StripSchrift (1996, number 287)
Publisher's ways are unfathomable (1996)StripSchrift (1996, number 287)
from the article "Cyrrus (1995)":
In an interview with StripSchrift you emphasized the importance of family relations in Cyrrus. It easy to conclude that the comedians of 1924 are the missing children on 1972. It's also clear that Mil is the child of Virginia Leix, and Jewel is the daughter of Kilkenny Leix, Viginia's brother. Does that mean that when Cyrrus calls Jewel his niece in 1924, he is thus a reincarnation of Mil?
Andreas: It is exactly the other way around, Mil is a reincarnation of Cyrrus.