Story Information
TitleFeu Croisé
Context Information
AlbumFeu Croisé
AlbumARQ (second cycle)
Patrick van Bergen (Site Editor) notes:
Wiel Felder has translated the signs in this story. The number before the dot is the pagenumber (Andreas' numbering). The number behind the dot is the number of the picture.

6.1 Zenaga!
6.2 Let Tolba continue alone! Look after the child!
6.3 Yes, Hodh-Makil. The child’s name is Akim.
I know what the child’s name is called. I do not wish to speak his name.
6.4 Yes Hodh-Makil.

7.1 Do you want to see your son, Hodh-Makil?
7.2 No Zenaga, I do not.
7.8 There is no time for this go away!

8.1 I do not understand your tongue! Who are you?
8.2 I do not comprehend what you are saying.
8.3 Now go away and let me pass!
8.7 Alla’s breath brought a demon!

9.7 There is a child . . . I have to see him.
9.8 I want to understand.

10.5 Well . . .
10.6 The child, where is he?
10.7 Show our visitor the child! Do not be afraid, no harm shall befall my son!
10.8 Truly this is the day of days.

11.3 His words are as foreign as his face and attire!
11.4 Stay your hands and stay your weapons!
11.5 There is no need for death this day!
11.6 Hodh-Makil, this man is foreign to our land and ways. He carries the traces of war and battle!
11.7 No reason to attack him! Your lust for death and killing knows no bounds Hodh-Suman, but as long as I reside here on my ancestral land, you will have to restrain yourselves.
Your ancestors?
Your land?
11.8 As always Hodh-Makil, you write your own laws, your own history! Do not forget that you are not eternal. So be warned . . .
11.9 Beware, Hodh-Makil!
Beware! . . .

29.6 Thank you my friend. Live a long and fruitful life!

33.7 I have to change my plans! Read my words again, Bohemond! Follow them to the letter! This is important! . . .
35.9 The Stytch in me is not strong enoug! The white stuff beckons and demands . . . I must go back! Goodbye, my friend I have failed . . .