Story Information
TitleLe cimetière de cathédrales
Number of pages46
Context Information
AlbumLe cimetière de cathédrales
AlbumThe Graveyard of Cathedrals and Starlight
AlbumRork - L'intégrale 1
Magazine PublicationTintin/Hello BD (fr); Kuifje (nl) (1987, number 23-32)
Magazine PublicationCheval Noir (1991, number 19-22)
Magazine PublicationL'eternauta (1990, number 83)
from the article "Rork and the fantastic (1995)":
At the end of Le cimetière de cathédrales Rork and Yosta agree to meet each other again, by the way.
Andreas: Yes they see each other again in the last album. The characters agree at the end of each album to meet eachother again. At the end they all meet.
--- part of article left out here ---
Did you know from the beginning that Rork would disappear eventually?
Andreas: I did. But the demonic character at the end I introduced only very late. I was asked to do a silk-screen painting and then I though of that character: a large image of him above New York with Rork somewhere in the distance below. I never finished the drawing, but I saved it, and used it in Le cimetière de cathédrales because I knew then how the series would finish. I like that in a series: you create a universe, in which accordingly you can do whatever you like. You can reuse some elements, add other things, things that occured before the story began, etc. I have to take of a truely immens thing, and I actually like that very much.