Story Information
Number of pages12
ScenarioFrançois Rivière
Context Information
AlbumRévélations posthumes
Magazine Publication(A Suivre) (1978, number 11)
Magazine PublicationL'eternauta (1993, number 121)
from the article "Andreas prefers not to explain everything (1995)":
In your debut album, Révélations posthumes, you nevertheless tried to draw realistically?
Andreas: I did that because it worked fast, not because I am having trouble drawing realistically. The documentation and drawing technique (site-editor: This technique is called, in Dutch, schaafkarton) took a lot of the time. In the chapter about 'Agatha Christie', for example, I used only photographs. I was in a hurry and the story had to be finished quickly. I would never do that again, though, since you are only copying and not really drawing.