Story Information
TitleLe maître des rêves
Number of pages7
Context Information
AlbumRork - L'intégrale 1
Magazine PublicationTintin/Hello BD (fr); Kuifje (nl) (1981, number 22)
Magazine PublicationKomiks fantastyka (1989, number 4)
from the article "The fantastic worlds of Rork (1984)":
Endlessly the young Rork questions his foster father, who tries to answer them as well as possible. On the night before Rork's tenth birthday he turns to his wife: "We don't have have any answers to his questions any more. Someone else should...". Meanwhile Rork's asleep and dreams that he's talking to strange, colorful creatures from another world. In this dream he also meets Tanemanar, the master of dreams. When Rork finally awakes after three nights of haunted sleep his hairs have turned white as a sheet. A moment later Tanemanar comes for him. Rork has shown an extraordinary intelligence already. Short after he awakes from the dream mentioned above he gets his first supernatural perception (a vision of the future, in which he sees the house of his parents go up in flames). He then spends many years with Tanemanar and has become, you could say, a sourcerer's apprentice. Rork learns a lot very quickly, and in Le cimetière des géants the time is right for his initiation in a great secret, that of the passages to other worlds. A secret that even Tanemanar has never mastered.