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Mat Schifferstein (Sherpa) notes:
Sherpa has indeed discontinued Capricorne. It was a hard decision we took for multiple reasons. Unfortunately I cannot go into that. We are not happy with it and we know Andreas fans won't be either. You may assume another Dutch publisher will continue the series or start it anew. Lombard has not taken a decision in this matter. There is no conflict with Andreas, of whom we will publish several albums in the near future.
Mat Schifferstein (Sherpa) notes:
Lombard will continue the series in the spring of 2003.
from the article "The mystery Andreas (1996)":
"At the moment I work on a series for Le Lombard about 'Capricorne', a personnage from Rork. In 'Rork' I introduced 'Capricorne' because of copyright reasons and to see how it would work out. So I liked it. "
from the article "Publisher's ways are unfathomable (1996)":
(site-editor: Yves Sente of Le Lombard: ) "Our aim with the next project of Andreas, Capricorne, is to reach a larger audience. The traditional comic-book reader is, when he opens an Andreas book, often deterred by the unconventional drawings and the unusual page layouts. The intention is that Capricorne will be a more common adventure series that will sell amongst the large group of common comix-fans."
from the article "'Capricorne' at Lombard and 'Arq' at Delcourt: Andreas bets on two horses (1997)":
This new creation refers nevertheless to Rork...
Andreas: Not exactly. It's true that I've tested Capricorne while I realized the Rork saga. At a certain moment, because I knew that this series would not go beyond seven albums, I wondered what I was going to do afterwards. That's how the character of Capricorne came in and how he gave his name to an episode of that saga. Since the latter had to evolve a little in the same universe, I have made him do a sort of screen test, with the intention to give him, thereafter, another orientation. Having said that, the two series are totally independent. One doen't have to (re)read one to understand the other. Chronologically, the history of Capricorne starts before that of Rork. Their meeting is just one of the accidents of their existence. Besides, I will refer to it when I arrive at that period in Capricorne's adventurous life.
Could you specify the identity of this very enigmatic character?
Andreas: His strange history takes place in the thirties. His identity? He doesn't know that himself. It will form the subject of a forthcoming album. I can't reveal this to you yet. Let's say it's about an adventurer who settles as an astrologer because it seemed to him to be a lucrative profession. It enables him to see the future at ease and to live through several especially fantastic adventures.
Adventures planned in the long run?
Andreas: Contrary to Rork, where everything evolved step by step, and as result of the adventures I had caused in the preceding episode, I know already in general how the adventures of Capricorne will continue. from the beginning I designed a frame which will develop on several albums. I especially wanted to realise a series which addresses the general public by simplifying my proces of narration. There will be something that I call a red wire, Capricorne, but each episode will give place to a history that stands alone and whose comprehension doesn't require constant reviewing of what preceded. What I had done in Rork by complicating in a more or less conscious way the situations, I will do here much slower and thus much easier to assimulate. Without asking too much effort of him, I thus hope to lead the reader to get passionate about more complex subjects. As I always did in all my albums.
Is that also that which has brought you to adopt a more traditional setting in images?
Andreas: In Capricorne, that which imports me above all, is the clearness of the account. For this I have simplified the drawing and my formattings also are less sophisticated. That said, I didn't give up some graphical audacities. If the history lends itself to it, while taking care to preserve a great legibility, I don't say I will stay with the same setting out of (cartoon)boxes. For the moment my narration is relatively traditional, therefore the illustration is relatively traditional.
Are you not afraid that the reader is disappointed not to find there the graphical audacities which contributed to your reputation?
Andreas: It's true that graphical virtuosities are expected of me. But certain albums of Rork were already illustrated in a traditional way. Once again, al depends on the scenario! If the account requires a fragmented formatting (of the pages), I will do that. If on the other hand, I should insist on a very linear narration, I will do that too. There are no rules... For Capricorne, I haven't fixed the number of albums. It's a series that will continue as long as the readers want it. ...
--- part of article left out here ---
In the mean while, you have started two long series...
Andreas: For Capricorne, I haven't fixed the number of albums. It's a series that will continue as long as the readers want it. For Arq, there will definitely be an end, but I don't know yet at the end of how many albums it will arrive. For the moment six chapters are planned already. I intend to producing one album of each series per year. Both stimulate me and I sense the force to make a succes of this double engagement.
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