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StoryMil (revised)
Creation of the Mil temple
from the article "Cyrrus (1995)":
You appear to have set it up as a trilogy originally.
Andreas: Yes, it was a trilogy. But if it's up to me Cyrrus is independent. In Mil I revert to a character that I use in a different way. I didn't finish the trilogy for the simple reason that I left Humanoïdes Associés. The third story was another complex construction: everytime Cyrrus disappeared in the first album, he would appear in the third. I wanted to make it with draftsmen like Antonio Cossu, Philippe Foerster and Philippe Berthet.
Won't you make that third album? Even when Cyrrus-Mil is now hosted by a new publisher, Delcourt?
Andreas: No, its too long ago. I wanted to make it with my friends, but I never approached them for it; they are far too busy now themselves. And I don't really remember what ideas I had for that book...