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On the Andreas website
Andreas on the WWW
The pirate invited: Andreas (1981)
Andreas. In grey and in colors. (1983)
Où ils en sont. La caverne du souvenir (1983)
The fantastic worlds of Rork (1984)
Andreas. What I wanted to tell you... (1984)
The C of Andreas. Cromwell Stone, Cythraul and Cyrrus (1984)
Andreas: 'I transform consciously: I don't draw something as I see it, but the way it's in my head' (1985)
La caverne du souvenir: a Celtic fairytale with a deeper meaning (1985)
Main part for Rork (1986)
Andreas and Rork. Not just any strip... No, a graphic masterpiece (1990)
Andreas prefers not to explain everything (1995)
The idea behind Rork (1995)
Another idea behind Rork (1995)
Images of a childhood (1995)
Years of study (1995)
The first publications (1995)
Rork and the fantastic (1995)
Cyrrus (1995)
Dérives and Fantalia (1995)
Hell according to Foerster (1996)
The mystery Andreas (1996)
Publisher's ways are unfathomable (1996)
The spontaneous little Andreas (1996)
'Capricorne' at Lombard and 'Arq' at Delcourt: Andreas bets on two horses (1997)
Andreas et la mise en page : Descente (1998)
Mobilis 1: Strubbelingen (2000)
An interview with Andreas (2000)
Figures and Representation of the Fantastic in Andreas's Work (2001)
Conan lui dire (2003)
Nooit geweten: Arq (2004)
Un auteur incontournable (2004)
Insatiable Andréas (2005)
Le maître du jeu, c'est lui! (2012)
A la croisée des univers (2013)
Een lezer kan best wel wat mysterie aan (2014)

Only references
Meeting with Andreas (1981)
Andréas / Rivière (1982)
(Review of) Fragments (1986)
(Review of) Cromwell Stone and Cyrrus (1986)
Andreas that dry old stick (1986)
(Review of) Fantalia and La Cage (1986)
- an item on Andreas - (1986)
Meeting with Andreas (1987)
Bonnes nouvelles du passé (1987)
Une BD en taille douce: de Hetzel à Andreas (1987)
Rork: un héros sous influences (1987)
Images fixés (1987)
Andreas au pays des merveilles (1987)
Caïn etait dans la tombe (1987)
Le vertige infini (1987)
Andreas and Schuiten, creators of fantastic universes (1987)
Andreas: well camouflaged nonsense? (1987)
The horrorstory as jigsaw puzzle? (1987)
Adventure in plural (1988)
Questions to the author (1988)
The joy of the image (1988)
Andreas and Schuiten sow their wild oats (1988)
The Cyrrus mosaic. Report of a time consuming puzzle (1988)
- 'Andreas' and 'Rork' (2 items) - (1989)
'L'homme qui lit' (1990)
Murder in the crypt (1990)
'Les lieux de la bande dessinée. Trois planches exemplaires d'Andreas Martens' (1991)
Interview Andreas (1992)
A circular trip through Europe in twelve stages: Andreas and Germany (1992)
- 1 item on Andreas - (1994)
Interview Andreas (1995)
Freeze the frame! (1995)
'Pour quelques questions de plus' (1996)
'A propos d'Andreas: Berthet, Foerster et Cossu' (1996)
Andreas (1996)
- 1 item on Andreas - (1997)
Un fantastique muet: H.P Lovecraft et R.H. Barlow dans les Révélations Posthumes d'Andreas et de Rivière (1997)
Interview (1997)
Interview Andreas (1998)
Interview (1999)
La dimension Andréas (2001)
Andreas Corpus (2003)
Entrevue avec Andreas (2005)
L'homme qui pense (2005)