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NameMat Schifferstein (Sherpa)
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PrefaceWoord vooraf
ArticleThe fantastic worlds of Rork (1984)
ArticleThe C of Andreas. Cromwell Stone, Cythraul and Cyrrus (1984)
ArticleAndreas: 'I transform consciously: I don't draw something as I see it, but the way it's in my head' (1985)
ArticleAndreas and Schuiten sow their wild oats (1988)
ArticleThe Cyrrus mosaic. Report of a time consuming puzzle (1988)
Mat Schifferstein (Sherpa) notes:
I don't recall when the contact with Andreas first started. I interviewed him several times at the time, especially for StripSchrift. In any case our first important project was the legal edition of Cromwell Stone. when Peter Kuipers and me still worked for Zet.El (publisher of ZozoLala). The album only existed in an illegal, badly translated and lettered edition. We wanted to republish this book as it should have been done (and we did, in 1986), but since we heard that many illegal albums had been sold we did not dare to print too many: 525 copies. In hindsight, we could have made much more of them. We reprinted the book with Sherpa (again in a limited edition, since we thought sales would be limited in this third edition) but the album appears to be a classic and may be reprinted again.
The most important contact with Andreas dates from this publication (Andreas drove all the way from France to Nijmegen to sign all copies at our house, and from the time the readers of StripSchrift chose Rork as comic of the year, which we celebrated with a special Andreas-stripschrift, the publication of Monster which he made especially for Stripschrift, and his visit to Breda.