Story Information
TitleEl octavo prisionero
Number of pages8
Context Information
AlbumLa révolucion francesa
AlbumA l'aube de la liberté
Magazine PublicationHeavy Metal (1998, number November)
from the article "Rork and the fantastic (1995)":
Before you left Tintin, you published La caverne du souvenir.
Andreas: Yes, that is one of my least successful albums. I actually made it in assignment. I drew it in Paris and colored it in Brittany. Despite of that there is not a trace of Bretonic influence in it. They just didn't have anything to publish in their Collection Verhalen en Legenden (FR) and asked everyone: "Don't you want to make something? A story based on Celtic legends for example." Generally I only start at a story after thinking it through for a long time. La caverne du souvenir I just made too quickly. I read some books, wrote the story and then drew it immediately. The same is true for Azteca and El octavo prisionero, I wrote them in assignment for a Spanish publisher. I didn't know much about the French revolution, I read some about it and then immediately wrote the story. That's not really my favorite way of working. For the same reason I find Azteca not very successful. I wrote it in assignment in memory of the 'year of Columbus' a couple of years ago. I chose the story of the Aztecs, because their history knows a definite start and end. All other subjects were too wieldly. So I read a mass of books and then tried to process everything in a story full of links. I screwed up, it isn't good. Sometimes I sadly tend to put too many things in a story. That's what's wrong with Azteca and La caverne du souvenir. They are loaded, nearly incomprehensible.