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from the article "Rork and the fantastic (1995)":
Before you left Tintin, you published La caverne du souvenir.
Andreas: Yes, that is one of my least successful albums. I actually made it in assignment. I drew it in Paris and colored it in Brittany. Despite of that there is not a trace of Bretonic influence in it. They just didn't have anything to publish in their Collection Verhalen en Legenden (FR) and asked everyone: "Don't you want to make something? A story based on Celtic legends for example." Generally I only start at a story after thinking it through for a long time. La caverne du souvenir I just made too quickly. I read some books, wrote the story and then drew it immediately. The same is true for Azteca and El octavo prisionero, I wrote them in assignment for a Spanish publisher. I didn't know much about the French revolution, I read some about it and then immediately wrote the story. That's not really my favorite way of working. For the same reason I find Azteca not very successful. I wrote it in assignment in memory of the 'year of Columbus' a couple of years ago. I chose the story of the Aztecs, because their history knows a definite start and end. All other subjects were too wieldly. So I read a mass of books and then tried to process everything in a story full of links. I screwed up, it isn't good. Sometimes I sadly tend to put too many things in a story. That's what's wrong with Azteca and La caverne du souvenir. They are loaded, nearly incomprehensible.